You Made a Difference

If you recently made a contribution to New Horizons, THANK YOU! You are making a difference in the lives of victims of abuse in our community!

Let me put a face on your impact.

Bonnie had endured 16 years of physical and emotional abuse from her husband. She had always forgiven him, but was finding it harder and harder to do so. The situation was even more complicated because she was fearful for her three children and what might happen if they tried to leave.

She didn’t know how they could safely leave. All of the finances were in her husband’s control. Bonnie felt completely trapped.

One night at dinner, their youngest son spilled his milk. Bonnie couldn’t stop her husband when he erupted and began to physically and verbally assault the child for the accident. The terror and pain in her son’s eyes pierced Bonnie’s heart.

As her husband stormed out of the house, Bonnie decided right then and there to call New Horizons.

Thank YOU for making it possible to say YES to Bonnie and her children when they needed help.

YOU made this possible. You are changing lives!