608-791-2600  (local)
1-888-231-0066  (toll-free)

Our shelter is a temporary home for women, men and children who are currently experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and/or harassment in their lives and who experiencing an unsafe situation. Our shelter is a temporary stop at the beginning of a journey to personal freedom and safety.

Our shelter is a communal living environment that is designed to provided you with resources, education, and moral support. We provide empowerment to assist you in making your own decisions. We encourage you to develop your personal support plan which will allow you to become your own advocate.

Please be assured that we will continue to support you on your journey when you leave the temporary stop of shelter. All outreach services will continue to be available to you and you will be more than welcome to call, text, e-mail, set an appointment, or walk-in at:
1223 Main Street, La Crosse  or  18544 Scranton Street, Whitehall.