Youth & Family Advocacy

A child/youth whose parent is in an abusive relationship experiences the abuse, even if the abuse is not inflicted directly upon the child/youth. Our Youth & Family Advocacy Program (in La Crosse & Whitehall) can assist youth in understanding that the abuse is not their fault, in understanding healthy relationships and in communicating their needs and emotions without aggression towards other. We can work closely with the non-abusive parent on parenting techniques to address and appropriately manage specific behaviors in children. We work with youth and the non-abusive parent to foster a healthy relationship in a way that encourages positive interaction and productive quality time between parent and child.

Our Youth & Family Advocate can:

  • Assist you with arranging for community childcare
  • During a shelter stay, occasional onsite child care is available for interviews, appointments, etc.
  • Work collaboratively with community agencies and programs whom have the best interest of your child as their focus
  • Provide you with information and referrals to appropriate resources in the community

Our Youth Advocacy Program is available for non-shelter and shelter parents and their children. For more information or seek our assistance, please contact us.

Serving La Crosse & Whitehall Areas

Youth & Family Advocate
608-791-2610 ext. 1203