Donation Center

New Procedures for In-Kind Donations

Due to very limited space, our donation protocol has changed. We are only accepting items for which we have an immediate and specific need. We will post those items both here on the website, as well as on our Facebook page.

In order to make the donation process seamless for all, we are asking that you call 608-791-2610 ext. 1300 to set up an appointment to drop off your items. Additionally, we are going to be observing the social distancing recommendations and other safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here is the list of our current needs:

  • Lightweight bed blankets, preferably cotton, full-sized
  • Cat scratching posts or cardboard scratchers
  • Bug spray
  • A blender for our shelter kitchen
  • Aloe vera or after-sun lotion
  • Women’s scrub tops and bottoms, all sizes
  • New hair dryers
  • Weighted blankets and fidget toys
  • Ear buds/headphones
  • Pre-paid cellphones and phone cards (Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Tracfone)
  • Ring doorbell cameras
  • Gift certificates (for gas, grocery, etc.)

**Last updated 6/15/21

Donations Hours:

The Donation Center is staffed by our volunteers, which is why we are asking for you to call ahead to arrange an appointment on a week day that works for all. The number to call is (608)791-2610, ext. 1300.

Donation hours are based upon current volunteer availability during the week, which is why we require a phone call ahead of time to set up an appointment. That number to call again is (608)791-2610, ext. 1300. We appreciate you working with us on these changes in operation. Thank you!

The Donation Center is closed on weekends, holidays, and the first Tuesday of each month.


Call: (608)791-2610, ext. 1300