2022 Holiday Program Sponsor Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 2022 holiday program as a sponsor! We will start accepting sponsor applications in mid-October. We appreciate your patience in this process. To be the first to know when the application is open, use the form below to sign up for our holiday program email list.

New to our holiday program? These are the ways you can get involved:

  1. Sponsor an individual or family: We sit with our clients and create a detailed wish-list with them. We give sponsors the wish-list, in which you decide how much or how little you would like to purchase. The list is a guide for you to get to know their needs and wants. Clients are folks we’ve served in the last year and could be living in either the shelter or in the community.
  2. Host a giving/caring tree: We have created our own wish list of items that are always needed as well as ideas of gifts that we can give to families who come into our shelter at the last minute and didn’t get sponsored. This list will be shared in October.
  3. Cash/Gift card donation: gift cards can include gas cards, grocery cards, gift cards for retail stores, haircut certificates, movie passes or any family fun activity you can think of. The holiday committee will look at families who are high need of these items and share your donation with them.
  4. Any idea of yours is also a great idea! These are just a few ideas of how community folks have helped us in the past, however if you had another idea in mind, we would love to hear it.

*This is not the sponsor application. The sponsor application will be available in October. Completeing this form will sign you up for email alerts regarding the program. We appreciate your patience in this project.